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The benefits of weight, clearance and simplicity are obvious, but Im. Or is it really not that noticeable once you get used to it because the difference in force needed is minimal?. You only lose one gear off the bottom and your top gear is pretty much the. is anyone making a 28T for the sram X1 yet? SRAM had the same thought, and with Force 1 they have promised a light, reliable. On the left side is a 5339 double ring setup with an 11-28 cassette, which is fairly common for triathletes. Yes, you lose a derailleur and a shifter. But in the world of triathlon, since when has less weight been a bad thing? SRAM PG-1070, 11 - 28 (compact), 12 - 25 (double). as I believe most aerodynamics mechanical advantage and weight loss etc is gained through these.

11-28 11-12-13-14-15-17-19-22-25-28. Groupset. Derailleur, the RED offering delivers even greater advantages thanks to a diet of structural. Road Cassettes SRAM Red XG-1190 11 Speed Cassette. This ensures the maximum weight reduction from the cog that is least used and that shifting. Options 11-25, 11-26, 11-28, 11-32 Weight 151g (11-25), 160g (11-26), 181 grams. The chainrings mount on either a 110mm BCD (Shimano, SRAM, FSA) or a. An 11-32T or 12-32T cassette, when paired with a compact crankset, with less gearing overlap, less weight, less mechanical complexity, and a lower Q-factor. a cassette that doesnt go down to 11- I run a 5339 with a 12-28. If Im doing a Euro trip, then I will run an 11-28, with a compact front. But at home, for daily riding, a standard 5339 with a 1225 is perfect. The way of gear shifting. Mechanical. Cassette ratio. 11 28. Front derailleur. NA. No more problems with malfunctioning front derailleurs and some weight loss. Sram Force 1 Cyclocross Shimano Ultegra 6800 11 Speed Sram Force 22. -32 vs 11-28 Cassette Shimano Ultegra 6800, Cycling tips for weight loss buyers guide ebook is here. Cog Sizes 11-12-13-14-16-18-20-22-25-28-32. The SRAM Force 1 rear derailleur adopts all the technologies of SRAM 1x MTB to provide the. installation Available in Short 11-26 through 11-28 Medium 11-26 through 11-36 Long 11-32 through 10-42 cage lengths Weight 261g. SRAMs new XX1 and X01 drivetrains now have twelve speeds, and use a 10-50 tooth cassette. on SRAMs 11-speed 10-42 cassettes (10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32-36-42), 10 Bikes of Red Bull Hardline. Went to XX1 and love it, 11 speed cassette same weight as my XTR, was able to lose my front. At present, SRAM has two 111 groupsets for road use, Force 1 and Rival 1. There are a few different 11-speed cassettes on offer (11-26, 11-28, 11-32. I would have bet there was significant weight loss (200-300 gr), but I. Diagnosis How to fine-tune diet for racing. SRAM will offer a Red 11-32 with its excellent StealthRing damper system. I think SRAM have gotten a bit carried away in the weight. With both compact and standard cranks on offer and cassettes from 11-23 to 11-28, Red has most cyclists covered.

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I picked up the SRAM Force 22 11-28t rear cassette. extra weight loss, so the idea that only the Red midWiFli derailleur can run an 11-32 is. For SRAM Force 1, weve married the best road technologies to the essential. 28. SRAM Force 22 delivers nearly all the features of RED with. No more stress, awkward hand positions, or loss of concentration. 11. WEIGHT. 280g (Pair). Weight included in the Hydraulic Rim and Disc Brakesets. The PG-1070 cassettes semi-spidered design maintains a high level of shifting performance. Weight, 247g (11-26), 257g (11-28), 300g (11-32), 366g (11-36).With the Apex or Force long cage derailleur I understand that cassette. My SRAM Force compact 5034 with Rival 11-32 cassette works great. and after losing body weight this year, might go back to 12-28 Force cassette.

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Find great deals on eBay for SRAM Force Rear Derailleur in Derailleurs (Rear). SRAM Force 22 11-Speed Medium Cage WiFli Road Bike Rear Derailleur. Competition grade rear derailleur with carbon and magnesium to keep weight low. less than 100 miles on it, it is designed to cover up to a 28 tooth cassette and I. From Red eTap to Apex, we cover all of SRAMs groupset permutations. in a lighter weight X configuration, which helps minimise the losses at. the universal PG-1130 cassette with 11-26, 11-28, 11-32 or 11-36t options. AeroGlide Pulleys Spring-fixed barrel adjuster Chain pulley cage adds precise chain management. Speeds, 11. Weight, 178g (short cage), 187g (mid cage). Compatibility, SRAM RED 22 Force 22 Rear ShiftBrake levers, SRAM R2C Aero SL-1190 shifters, SRAM. SRAM Warranty (2.19 MB, PDF) - 28 Pages. Here, the new SRAM RED 22 and SRAM Force 22 groups. The teaser. with RED. While we didnt get to test it yet, theyre promising same performance with only a small gain in weight. 11-32 11,12,13,14,15,17,19,22,25,28,32 (WiFLi). and you get a lighter, stiffer drivetrain with no loss of range. Reply. SRAM Force vs SRAM Rival Groupsets Comparison?!! By. Sam Share. The cassette is ten-speed and the sprockets have been shaved down to save weight, but not lose and strength. Wonder if I can upgrade to the cassette to 11-28. Weve spent several days on the new 12-speed SRAM Eagle. Losing the front derailleur allowed us to remove a chunk of weight. that SRAM has been able to introduce an increased clutch force for. However, the Eagle chain ring can be used on existing XX1-11. Like Reply Sep 5, 2016 828pm. SRAM CASSETTE Rival Apex 11-32t PG-1050 10 SPEED stock photos NEW. SRAM PG-1050 11-28 10 Speed Road Bike Cassette fits XX Apex Rival Force. SRAMs Force groupset is pretty much a direct competitor to Shimanos. not just the levers, but SRAM make great play of their Zero-Loss technology. an 11-25 and an 11-28 on your 10-speed set up, with 11-speed the. SRAMs 11-speed PC-1170 chain uses hollow pins to save a bit of weight, and. This cassette provides riders using the SRAM Force CX1 1x11 group set the. Weight, 260 g (11-26)271 g (11-28)310 g (11-32), 366 g, 151 g (11-25T), 185 g. Buy your SRAM Force 22 Groupset - Complete Groupsets from only. Brake Shift Levers - Road, SRAM Force 22 Mechanical Shifter Set - 11 Speed. ZeroLoss - ZeroLoss simply means, well, zero losswhen you push on the lever, for an. Weight 247g (11-26), 257g (11-28), 300g (11-32), 366g (11-36). SRAM Force 22 11 Speed Rear Mech - Lowest Prices and FREE shipping. With all the additional technologies SRAM managed to keep the weight the same, at well. More clearance with 28t cassettes thanks to a longer B-knuckle New silent. chain management WiFLi option Speeds 11 Material Carbon Outer cage, 1 11. The new PG-1070 cassette skips the wholly omitted teeth of the. lighter weight, standard ceramic bearings and Zero Loss right-hand.

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Shimano Ultegra and SRAM Force 22 are the second level road groupsets. but SRAM make great play of their Zero-Loss technology which should mean. SRAM gives a claimed lever weight of 307g (the pair) while. SRAM offers its Force 22 cassette in several different flavours 11-25, 11-26, 11-28 and. Less maintenance, less weight, and a single lever to control shifting through. For the SRAM Force groupset, chainring sizes include the. and Force, and so include 11-25, 11-26, 11- 28, 11-32 and 11-36. For example, by purchasing the fancy clutch rear derailleur but no chainset, youll lose out on the. T KCNC Derailleur Jockey Wheel Set-Blue. Joined Wed Mar 28, 2012 216 pm. Im running the same force rear mech and have been eyeing up some weight loss but after reading that Im not going to chase is on a force. I wanted to see how it stacks up against SRAM force, as Im. Last edited by Nick Bain 03-30-11 at 0533 PM. are quite minimal mechanically except for SRAM Red which has Zero Loss in the rear shifter. All the other SRAM groups are more or less the same and only weight really. 03-31-11, 0628 AM.

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Sep 16, 2016 - 2 minSRAM Force 11 speed 11-40 cassette 50-34 chain ring. Durianrider Ebook guides for the. Its cheaper than old Force, and about the same weight its cheaper. ability to run an 11-speed 11-28 cassette with the same cog gaps as a. Shimano CS-6700 Ultegra Bicycle Cassette (10-Speed). Weight 359 grams (12-36) Gear Ratios 11-23, 11-25, 11-26, 11-28, 12-25, 12-26, 12-27, I went with the11-36 PG1070 and lost three gear inches in my lowest gearing, more than. SRAMs new Rival 1 and Force 1 groupsets are in essence, slight variations of. wont jettison a huge amount of weight if you want to make the switch to 1x. We measured a loss of just 47g when switching from a Force 22. and an 11-28T cassette, a 1x road setup with a 44T chainring and 11-36T. New SRAM Force 22 11-speed Road Full Groupset Group 5034T 172.5mm. NEW SRAM Force 22 Hydraulic Disc GXP 175mm 46-36 11-28 FULL WARRANTY. Weight, and internals) 175mm Compact Crankset with NEW. for my wife and she does not like the double tab feature on the Sram so our loss is your gain! I make the assumption SRAM stated capacity is conservative, since they list 43T. slight weight loss -- but you gotta be a real weight weenie to appreciate this I am using a Red with a 11-28 ten speed cassette.